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The WIZDOM Web LMS takes a simplified approach for delivering a cutting edge software that is easy to comprehend and use — by anyone around the world — for upgrading knowledge through elearning, among people in various organizations, be they Commercial, Educational or from the Government.

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Wizdom Web LMS v 1.2 is a SCORM compliant elearning platform that caters to organizations to achieve their competitive advantage with dynamic efficiency. The objective of this web based software is to assist Corporations and Institutions to establish a comprehensive learning system in their training and education programs.

WIZDOM Web Learning Management System is intuitive and user-friendly, easing the users into the program without exasperating them. This elearning software is helpful to all category of users — Department Heads, Administrators, Managers, Instructors, and Learners. What’s more is that with WIZDOM Web, you get the flexibility to decide the number of user categories as well as the amount of control each category can have.

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WIZDOM Web LMS Components

  • LMS Designation Kit: With this kit, you can define, access, and manage roles, responsibilities, groups, user accounts, job profiles, and different clients.
  • LMS Communication Kit: This kit facilitates all categories of users with discussion forums, announcements, surveys, news articles, and FAQs.
  • Learning Management System Content Bank: Content Bank allows you to create content categories and define content types to be used in the system. It has powerful features to upload and store content in reusable format and in different versions. With easy-to-use search feature, the authors can quickly look for content to be used in their courses.
  • Wizdom Syllabus Planner: This is a portal that aids instructors to plan the learning pattern and workflow. To efficiently deliver training to a workforce that has diverse needs, it is critical that your platform provides flexible course delivery options. WIZDOM Web provides you complete control over the learning plan (LP). You can create a hierarchal LP and attach any kind of content – PDF, DOC, PPT, Images, ZIP files, SCORM courses, or attach any item like Chat, Whiteboard, Offline Course, Discussion, Assessment, and Reference to the LP nodes.
  • LMS Reports: This tool allows you to generate and analyze Site Usage Report; Course Usage Report, and Learners' Activity Report.
  • System: The entire system can be controlled, customized, and managed from this portal.

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LMS India Quote"The Learning Management System is the backbone of our learning strategy at Bajaj. With over 100 offices and branches across India and growing, we need a platform that can not only deliver learning fast but can also double up as a platform for organization wide skill assessment, training needs analysis, knowledge management, and scale to our growing needs. The WiZDOM Web LMS provides us all the flexibility we need to make this happen. What I like most about the WIZDOM Web team is that they never made us feel that we were buying a shrink wrapped, one-size fits all application. They have been eager to hear our needs and work with us to create a solution. I have had one of the most engaging discussions on learning strategy and technology with their technical team. I think this differentiates them from most players in the market."Learning Management System India

Ajay Dasgupta
Learning & Development Manager
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

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WIZDOM Web LMS synchronizes training initiatives to individual and organizational goals. This enables organizations to develop an effective performance management strategy; leading to focused decision-making and competitive advantage.LMS India Wizdom Web


Specialized portals allow you to modify and use the learning management software according to your level of comfort and requirement. LMS Reports are provided by division of area and region to suit your requirements and allow you to implement, manage, and monitor the elearning project as well as employee progress.Learning Management System India


WIZDOM Web LMS has popular and easy to use attributes that let you author and publish distance learning courses, create content categories, and define content types. E-learning content storage and reuse saves time and effort and frees you to concentrate on other needs of your students. Knowledge Management System


WIZDOM Web LMS makes elearning enjoyable; the portals are easy to comprehend and navigate. The distance learning courses are presented in engaging styles with the use of simulations, animations, and many other delivery modes. You will love the user-friendly attributes that will enhance your learning experience! Clients of Wizdom LMS

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Learning Management Software India
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The smooth transition of all functions into wizdom web learning management system will let you get on with business as usual!

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The engaging style of content delivery of wizdom web LMS and online simulations will enable students to grasp concepts readily.

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Assessment Learning Management System

As we all know, assessment is critical to any learning process. This is easily done with WIZDOM’s potent in-built elearning assessment generation tool.

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Learning Management System India

Analysis is all about making the right choices: to match project requirements with the required skills set of the employees. The LMS reporting engine provides consolidated and detailed reports to both the management and the training department.

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